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PO Box 14293

Santa Rosa, CA  95402


Tel: 707-595-1997

F I N D  A N D  H O L D  Y O U R


A L L  Y E A R  L O N G!


I am a One Page Business Planning and performance management expert, Executive Coach & Professional Trainer. I work with high achieving executives who are also psychotically busy. I know how to get them to do the hardest thing imaginable stop and get their best thinking into writing, so that their Team can help them achieve it! This allows Leaders to cascade their objectives throughout their organization, change behavior and HOLD their FOCUS on what's truly important to their success, all year long. As a road-tested One Page Planning & Implementation Specialist with extensive experience in Fortune 500 and privately held companies, the Financial Services Industry & Non-profits I've learned that no organization has enough time or money resources to act on every good idea -- only the GREAT ones! If you're ready for the results that will come when your Team is moving in unison and focusing on the right things, when you're managing by FACT, have true accountability and want to simplify your execution ability, please call me at 707-595-1997.


"How successful have you been at

cascading your objectives, strategies

and vision throughout your business?"